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Potbellied Pigs

Potbellied pigs at SASHA Farm!

Kilo was adopted, and living in an apartment with a college professor. He had gotten too large to be carried outside, so learned to use a litter box inside. He was very attached to his human. Unfortunately the professor’s job took him out of the area, and he could not take Kilo with him so he came to SASHA. It took him a bit of time to get used to his new home, but now he is frequently found sleeping with Dawkins and Hamilton in the “Bachelor Pad” (their very own hut!)

Adam and Eve live at SASHA Farm in the same yard, and they have their very own space. But both had tough beginnings. Adam (right in picture below) was found just a few miles from SASHA Farm, hiding under a work trailer, covered in insulation. Not long after Adam arrived at SASHA, Eve (left in picture below) was also found wandering the local Manchester, MI area. She stayed a short time with a couple, where her diet consisted of day old baked goods, thrown to her with the wrappers still intact. Now, life couldn’t be better for these two precious potbellied pigs!


Adam and Eve

Dawkins:  Dawkins is a hugely large pink pig. He came to SASHA as a youngster. He usually prefers to sleep in a hut rather than the pig barn and is frequently found sleeping with Kilo and Hamilton in the “Bachelor Pad”.


Hamilton: Hamilton is frequently found sleeping with Kilo and Dawkins in the “Bachelor Pad”. He was surrendered by a local resident who could no longer care for him. He’s a sweet boy who loves his life with his pals at SASHA Farm.


Louie: Louie is quite big, with a large white stripe down his forehead.  He is very shy, startles easily, and prefers not to be petted, other than an occasional belly rub.  He came to SASHA as a piglet.


Petunia: Petunia is the smallest potbelly pig living in the main area. He is a boy, and don’t let the name fool you.  He is no wallflower! He has an adorable underbite, and loves being fed treats with a spoon.  He is known to bite much larger pigs to get them to move so he can enjoy all the treats himself!  Initially, because of his small size, he was fed separately.  His feisty nature however soon ensured he always ate his fair share, so he now eats with the main group.